What type of documents does Thinkswap accept? What is the criteria for uploaded documents?

Thinkswap accepts documents into three broad categories: (1) Complete sets of study notes, (2) Partial sets of study notes and (3) Past Essays / Assignments. All documents must be original pieces of work authored by your self that can be used as a study reference for the specific unit of study you are uploading for. Please see below for further details on document criteria.

  • Complete study notes must cover more than half a full semester's content and be greater than 15 pages in length.
  • Partial study notes can cover less than a half a full semester's content and can cover a single topic, but must be greater than 8 pages in length.
  • Year 11-12 Essays / Projects must be at least 4 pages in length and include any questions being answered. Only Essays / Projects written for prior semesters will be accepted.
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