Is it legal to upload and buy academic content?

Yes, it is legal to upload academic content. Subject to your University's intellectual property policies, if you have created any academic content you are generally considered to have copyright ownership of that work. Accordingly, unless you transfer copyright in writing to another party (e.g. your University), you own and are entitled to submit your University work.

It is also legal to buy academic content from other students; the key is how you use it. Thinkswap suggests you use whatever you purchase as a study aid to assist you in completing your course. Keep in mind that Thinkswap bears no liability for users caught infringing the copyright of other authors or University plagiarism policies. Misuse of our site includes but is not limited to:

  • Copying or using content directly from Thinkswap and submitting it as one's own work
  • Uploading another person's materials to Thinkswap without their permission (this includes copyrighted materials and materials authored by professors)
  • Uploading any contemporaneous recordings of a class or lecture given by an instructor
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