Why should you sell your work through Thinkswap?

So you've just spent a whole semester preparing the perfect study notes for your subject. These notes are amazing, they explain every topic covered in the subject, and look and feel like the textbook you always needed.

Exam time comes, you get a HD! Awesome, now its the holidays and you're completely broke, working at the local cafe for 8 weeks because uni break only comes in intervals of two months or more. Those study notes you wrote? Sitting in a nicely arranged folder on your desktop, something like "Semester 1 2019". Great! Maybe you might look at them again in a few years before you move them to your external HDD and forget about them forever.

If this story sounds familiar, it's because thousands of documents like this sit unused on the hard drives of students like you, collecting digital dust. 

Thinkswap gives you a chance to make those study notes work for you again! Thinkswap is Australia's largest and most visited student document library. Every month millions of visitors browse our document libraries.

Selling your work on Thinkswap gives other students an opportunity to study from the notes you created, and gives you an opportunity to be compensated for the hard work and dedication you put into writing them in the first place. 

Stop letting your notes collect digital dust... Give them a new purpose on Thinkswap and get paid for it too. 

In case you're still not convinced uploading your work to Thinkswap might just be the best decision you make whilst at university, take a look at the thousands of other Elite uploaders who earn recurring royalties every month from the sale of their work. 

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