Upload requirements for Thinkswap Classic

All uploads are passed through a review process where a member of Thinkswap's Content Review Team checks the documents.

We have summarised some of the things the team looks for below. If you are still unsure of whether your document is ok to submit, upload your document and leave the rest to us! 


  • Uploads are assessed for quality to ensure Thinkswap's high quality standards are met. 
  • Attributes of high quality documents include: accurate and relevant content and easy to read format and structure.
  • We also look for well filled out titles and descriptions and ensure that documents have been categorised under the correct subjects.

Document Type:

  • Complete Study Notes Must cover more than half a subject's content and be greater than 20 pages in length.
  • Topic Notes: Can cover less than half a subject's content but must be greater than 8 pages in length.
  • Essays / Projects: Must be at least 4 pages in length and include any questions being answered


  • To upload to Thinkswap you must be the author of the document or have the copyright owner’s permission.
  • We do not accept the following: lecture slides, past exams, textbook, tutorial solutions, subject notes separated into multiple files and any other documents where you are not the author.
  • When uploading assessment tasks, make sure that you do not upload your work until your assessment has been graded.
  • Please remove all personal details from the document. E.g. name, student number and any other contact details.
  • All files must be in PDF format and not be greater than 40 MB in size.
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