Thinkswap and academic integrity

Promoting academic integrity has always been at the forefront of the way Thinkswap operates. Academic integrity can be defined as "behaving honestly and respectfully in all academic endeavours and Thinkswap upholds itself in this by (including but not limited to):

  • Not producing work for any student for any reason. This includes under no circumstances providing any bespoke assignment help, editing, feedback or writing services.
  • Not allowing students to publish work for a subject they have not yet completed.
  • Making all content available to plagiarism detection tools to enable institutions to identify possible misuse of work.
  • Watermarking all content in a non-editable form.
  • Presenting users with guidelines around plagiarism and using work correctly.
  • Only allowing students to upload material they own the copyright to.

Importantly, Thinkswap works closely with academic institutions in identifying and co-operating with any misuse of its resources. As mentioned above, we assist universities in identifying misuse of resources by making all our content available to plagiarism detection tools. Should you believe that a piece of work on our platform has been misused by another student, we would be able to assist.

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