How do I get a document from Thinkswap?

All documents on Thinkswap are purchased using Exchange Credits. We've included a brief summary of how the platform works below:

1) Find a study resource Explore our vast student authored document library and find a study resource that suits you

2) Earn or purchase Exchange Credits: You need Exchange Credits to access Thinkswap study resources. You can earn Exchange Credits by uploading a study resource of your own ('Upload documents' page) or by purchasing Exchange Credit packs ('Buy Exchange Credits' page).

3) Pay for your document using Exchange Credits: Once you have a sufficient amount of Exchange Credits in your account, you can complete your purchase and access your study resource.

4) Access your library anywhere, anytime: All study resources you purchase on Thinkswap will be available for you to access both online and as a downloadable PDF anywhere, anytime.


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