How much will I earn?

What percentage do I earn?

Each time your document sells on Thinkswap, you will earn a percentage of the total sale.

The percentage you earn is called a 'Royalty' and the rate starts from a minimum of 50% and can increase up to 70%. The rate earned increases when Royalty Boosters are added and these can be enabled once your first Elite document is approved.


What is the sale price of my Elite document?

Thinkswap sets the price of all documents using its own currency, "Exchange Credits". The sale price of an Elite upload is by default 50 Exchange Credits. What this means, is that each time a user purchases your Elite document for 50 Exchange Credits and pays Thinkswap, you will earn a percentage of the sale price. The most common sale price of 50 Exchange Credits (and thus an Elite document) is AU$19.95.


Example of how much I will earn

Suppose you upload two Elite documents. Now let’s assume several students buy these documents over the month and Thinkswap makes $120 in revenue. In this case, the minimum you will earn for the month is calculated as:

          • $120 x 50% (Base Royalty) 


Let’s also assume you also meet certain criteria (which we call Royalty Boosters). In this case you will also earn a bonus, with your monthly earnings calculated as: 

          • $120 x 15% (Bonus Royalty) = $18
          • Total Weekly Earnings = $60 + $18 = $78



"In short, when we earn money from the sale of your document,

you will earn a percentage of the total sale."






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